Game Instructions




Fisticuffs takes you into the boxing ring to defeat opponents and win the local, regional, and eventually the national tournaments.

Use the A and X buttons to punch your opponent. The B and Y buttons are used to dodge punches from your opponent.

If you get knocked out, don't worry, keep moving and press the B and Y buttons as quickly as possible to get back up.

The objective is to knockout your opponent three times and take home the belt.

Row Your Boat

Cruise down the river in your boat avoiding various obstacles, make sure to keep moving so your boat doesn’t stop!

As you cruise make sure to collect ducks to increase your score. Press the B button to move right and the Y button to move left as you row.

Smash The Blocks

Smash The Blocks is one of our most popular games! The goal of Smash The Blocks is to break through as many blue blocks as possible.

As you smash through the blocks, you also need to free your friends from the clutches of evil. Press the B button to move right and the Y button to move left.

Pressing the B and Y buttons at the same time will allow your character to jump over obstacles and free his friends.

Trivia Time: Scholars

Trivia Time is a classic trivia game meant to test your knowledge as you exercise. Get your brain working as your body works too!

Press the A button if you believe the answer is true and press the B button if you believe the answer is false.

Spin Or Die

Spin or Die puts you in the middle of a busy street as you ride your bike and avoid getting hit by cars.

See how far you can get without running into a car! Press the B button to move right a lane and the Y button to move left a lane.

Collect blue diamonds, angels, and magnets as you pedal through the city.

Kreature Krunch

“Krunch" numbers together to clear the board and create the biggest numbered Kreature you can. Krunch together 1s and 2s, 3s and 3s, 6s and 6s, etc.

You can change the direction you’re krunching with your Goji Play controllers. To Krunch up and to the right press A.

To krunch down and to the right press B. To krunch up and to the left press X. To krunch down and to the left press Y.

Workout Mode lets you continue playing for as long as your workout with Goji Play. Incredible Auto-Krunch magic will clear the board the more intensity you give!

Watch out though, too many krunchless kreatures will penalize you!

Plunder Pit

In this classic puzzle game keep ghostly ships of the dead at bay by placing shapes to create full rows to clear that row of blocks!

Utilize blasting kegs of powerups to destroy blocks and fight your way to the final conflict with the Great Old One himself! Press B to move the incoming block to the right.

Press Y to move the incoming block to the left. Press A or X to rotate the block to your desired position.

Dwarven Gems

Aim your gem cannon to match three or more gems of the same color. Be careful not to let your gems touch the bottom of the board or the game will be over!

Press A to aim your cannon right and X to aim the cannon left. Press B to fire your cannon. Press Y to switch the two incoming gems.

Super Moto X

Being the first to cross the finish line doesn’t just mean you have the fastest bike, you’ll also need to hit the turbo zones at the right time,

jump over obstacles, and avoid the dreaded slow zones. Press X or Y to change lanes. Press B to turn on the gravity and come back down to earth.

Press A to give yourself a boost, the faster you move, the more boosts you’ll get. Be sure to avoid the red lights and go through the green lights!

Trail Run

Trail Run is a great option for those who want to have fun while exercising, but aren’t looking for an intense gaming experience.

In Trail Run, you get to go on runs in different sceneries--even Wonderland!-- with a cute dog at your side. Press the B button to move right and the Y button to move left.

Press the X button to jump over the bushes. Run through the leaves and puddles to achieve speed boosts. Collect bones as you run to unlock new features!

Paper Dash

In Paper Dash, you play a fearless paper girl as she pedals through the suburbs and city on your quest to deliver papers to your various subscribers.

You'll be rewarded for the amount of time you spend delivering papers as well as for your aim in accurately getting papers to your customers.

Be on the lookout for pesky dogs, road construction, and other obstacles that will try and slow you down. Press the B button to move right and the Y button to move left.

Steer towards the green circle and press A when you are in the circle to throw your paper and get it to the right mailbox.

Castle Karts

Race through the streets of a medieval city as you attempt to take down opponents and reach the finish line first.

Collect gold coins, hit the green power ups, and avoid obstacles to be victorious. Press B to steer right and Y to steer left. Press B and Y at the same time to jump over obstacles.

Battle Waves

Take control of an attack helicopter and battle through wave after wave of enemies. Use your perfectly timed skills to take down your enemies, use your reflexes to dodge incoming missiles.

Press B to move right as incoming missiles approach and Y to move left.When you’re locked on an enemy’s vehicle, you will be prompted to press A or X to fire.

Goji Farm

Goji Farm is a unique game you can play both on your cardio machine and off. It’s your way of creating and maintaining a farm from the comfort of your own home.

Click on a plot of land to clear it for your crops. Once the land is clear, select the plot again to choose which produce to plant there.

The bottom of the screen will tell you how many of each item you will need. When you meet these numbers, take your items to the smoothie shop to earn coins and level up!

Blimp Breaker

Blimp Breaker is a classic brick busting game. Move your platform from left to right and don’t let the ball hit the ground! Make sure to break through all the blimps to advance to the next level.

To launch the ball from your platform, press X.Press the B button to move right and the Y button to move left as you try to keep your ball from falling.


Smash other cars and dodge bullets in your souped-up car. Activate your rocket jets to launch into the air and smash down onto your enemies.

Press A to steer right and X to steer left. Press and X at the same time to jump and air slam. Or press B or Y to jump and airslam.