Blue Goji to Launch Goji Play 2 and GojiVerse during 2015 Holiday Season, Delivering Authenitic Gamification of Health and Wellness


Blue Goji to Launch Goji Play 2.0 and GojiVerse during 2015 Holiday Season,

Delivering Authentic Gamification of Health and Wellness 

AUSTIN, Texas (Nov. 18, 2015) – Blue Goji®, a wellness technology company, is preparing to launch Goji Play 2.0 during the 2015 holiday season and in time when millions make health and wellness resolutions. Leveraging users’ iOS or Android mobile devices, Goji Play® is a fitness game system designed to make workouts on cardio exercise equipment at home and in gyms fun and rewarding. And GojiVerse is the company’s gamified wellness platform

“We believe Blue Goji is the first company to deliver the promise of gamification of health and wellness,” said Coleman Fung, Blue Goji co-founder and chief executive officer. Blue Goji is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Many leading research studies have shown that playing games – especially with good intentions – can promote many mindful and gameful benefits such as optimism, resiliency, determination, playfulness, and others. Goji Play infuses gameful focus and concentration with physical motion. Blue Goji believes that this engaged Goji Play experience is more beneficial and enjoyable than doing typical, distraction-oriented cardio workouts. With up to 20 games scheduled to be released by this holiday season, Goji Play will appeal to people of all ages and fitness levels who want to make their workouts more pleasant and productive.

“When we first introduced Goji Play 1.0 as our pilot in late 2013, we weren’t sure whether this concept of playing games while exercising on cardio machines would resonate with users. Once we started getting emails, stories, and comments from early adopters of Goji Play, users of our corporate pilot programs, and people participating at our activation events, we became convinced that this innovative, patent-pending concept was viable, we also were very encouraged and heartened by the diversity of Goji Play users,” Fung commented.   “We heard some amazing stories: a 65-year old grandmother telling us how much she loves playing Goji Play games; triathletes training harder and happier; a father embarking on a weight loss program for his young kids; a self-professed ‘inactive old woman’ losing 25 pounds in three months by taking short ‘game breaks’ with Goji Play in her office; and mothers with big smiles on their faces watching their kids exercising and having so much fun.”

Fung explained that, as a wellness technology company, Blue Goji understands that helping users develop healthier, sustainable habits takes more than game-infused cardio workouts: “Large numbers of people with such good intentions join gyms or purchase home cardio equipment, but lose interest and stay inactive. While developing sustainable health and wellness habits is a critical first step, maintaining those healthy lifestyle habits tends to be a major challenge for most people. For Blue Goji, helping users with good intentions to develop and maintain healthier habits is our core mission.”

Fung noted GojiVerse is a gamified wellness platform that supports a wide range of games and apps to cover users’ diverse needs and interests, and to keep them motivated and engaged. 

Fung added: “We are very excited about the upcoming launch of Goji Play and GojiVerse! With GojiVerse, we have built a robust foundation that can support and motivate a diverse user base. If you are a mom worrying about the health of your family, you can get kids – and their dads – off the couch with game plays, challenges, and incentives. Grandparents can also get involved. If you are a person who is already active and healthy, share your joy and healthy habits with friends, family, and other GojiVerse users by becoming a goal-oriented community ambassador. Compete with other community leaders not only on how fast or far you can run or bike, but also on how many people you can motivate and help to change their lives in a positive way. According to game science research, you’ll get as much benefit as the people you help do! If you are one of many Americans suffering from hypertension, pre-hypertension or pre-diabetes, take short game breaks at home or at work. With GojiVerse, the possibilities are endless. Let the games begin!” 

About Blue Goji

Blue Goji was founded in 2011 on the big data software development and gaming expertise of its founders who are focused on changing the health and wellness game. Fung, the founder and former CEO of OpenLink, aligned with Charles Huang and Kai Huang, brothers who developed the highly successful Guitar Hero franchise, to start Blue Goji.

Goji Play, GojiVerse and other products, brands and trademarks are property of Blue Goji Corp.

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