Keep Your Office Healthy with GameBreaks

An Innovative Wellness Program Brought to you by Blue Goji


Active.  Fun.  Rewarding.

"Blue Goji delivers the first true fitness gamification platform that transforms exercise equipment into fun, interactive arcade-like gaming experiences."*    Whether at home, work, or the gym, our GameBreaks wellness service is powered by our innovative Goji Play game system to drive interactive mobile games that turn exercise into fun and rewarding adventures, all the while tracking participant activity including distance and time. 

Reward Their Progress with Incentives and Prizes

Use our Blue Goji apps to connect with your employees and provide them with incentive and rewards

Each employee's GojiVerse account connects to your GameBreaks portal so you can see which employee is ahead of the curve and which ones are falling behind.  We can help you design the portal so you can offer your desired incentives and rewards to fit your company's culture and keep your employees happy and healthy!


Your employees can take GameBreaks at the office, gym, or in the comfort of their home! 

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