Embodied Health: Unify Physical, Cognitive, & Mental Health

GojiPlay and GojiCare create the opportunity to blend gaming and community

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Experience true mind-body connection

Every game and feature across our products has been developed to work seamlessly with our hardware. Pedaling and steering/shifting on the bikes directly controls gameplay, making it easy to forget you're even working out.

Find your flow with Embodied Gaming

With multiple genres, every user can find what motivates them, whether it's relaxing puzzle or a fast-paced race. Starter packages come complete with 50 experiences, including 35 HR interval training programs and 15 original games

Get lost in realistic graphics

Blue Goji's catalog hosts a collection of custom games and experiences, along with a growing list of third-party games configured to work effortlessly on every bike.

Beyond games, take a ride on a simulated trail through a variety of terrains.

Connect networks - literally and figuratively

GojiPlay subscrptions can be upgraded to include a tournament package. Users can compete over local networks, creating an opportunity for team-building in spaces with more than one bike.

Leaderboards at the end of races list every bike connected to the same network.

GojiCare subscriptions offer individualized groups for community-building. Users can connect with leaders in their space as well as each other.