Coming Soon: A New & Fun Way to Manage Chronic Conditions 

Our upcoming GojiCare managed service will be the care of the future. By combining our gaming expertise with informed health and wellness knowledge, we will use our signature fitness gamification to combat leading chronic conditions. The service will utilize our technologies, incorporating:




Making the Miracle Drug — doing cardio exercise — more miraculous and impactful!

Blue Goji believes in physical activities - the miracle drug for so many common chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. This miracle drug is even more beneficial and powerful than we initially thought. Recent research studies have demonstrated that cardio exercise is also having benefits on our brains! Started with mice and confirmed with brain scans of human subjects, these studies have captured evidences of improved, cardio exercise-induced neurogenesis — in both grey and white matters! That means increases in both the number of neurons and their connections in our brains! As a result, active people have lowers risk of developing any type of dementia related conditions such as Alzheimer’s. They also have lower risks of developing other mental conditions such as depression, substance abuse, or other forms of addiction.

How do we get people to take this miracle drug? Sugarcoat it with fun and immersive games! As a matter of fact, there is a separate strand of research efforts studying how video game plays are having similar, positive effects on brain health. For example, researchers have tested using VR (virtual reality) games to help cancer patients, including kids, manage their pains and anxiety. In other words, even this sugarcoating has its miraculous benefits!

At Blue Goji, we have been working on Active Gaming — a unique combination of cardio exercise and mindful game plays — since the beginning, before any of these research reports were published. Supporting this new and improved miracle drug of Active Gaming is a comprehensive, preventive community care platform that includes incentive rewards and networked support of family, friends, and communities. GojiCare offers a holistic approach to a wide range of health applications, from managing a number of common chronic conditions, Active Aging for older adults, to Active Learning for underserved children as well as anyone lacking motivation and support to be physically active enough for optimal health.

To launch this program, we will be conducting a Beta Program. If you have VR equipment and a stationary bike or elliptical, please contact us to sign up.