Blue Goji

Since Active Gaming is at the heart of GojiCare, having easy to use Goji Play Stationary Bikes and Elliptical Machines is key to its success. After extensive testing on multiple iterations of hardware configuration, from iOS/Android-based mobile hardware platforms to PCs with the latest version of Microsoft Windows, we have decided that a PC-based hardware configuration represents the most flexible and open game environment, supporting Steam, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the new Windows Mixed Reality platform. In addition, a PC-based platform allows us to support a reasonable number of 3rd-party VR and 2D games, which is impossible to do on rigidly controlled mobile systems.

Gamify Exercise With Goji Play

For the initial rollout, we have designed a unique, simplified set of game controllers – the Goji Play Controllers* – to work with or transform conventional stationary bikes or elliptical machines into fun and immersive Goji Play Game Stations. Using Bluetooth, the controllers can wirelessly connect to a PC playing Windows VR and 2D games. And the sleek magnetic straps allow the user to wrap the controllers around stationary bike and elliptical handlebars easily for a custom and comfortable fit.

*We have concluded our retail user testing of Goji Play Controllers. Although we will continue to support our current set of retail Goji Play users, the controllers are no longer available for retails sales.

In The Works

Blue Goji is currently collaborating with a number of cardio equipment manufacturers – creating a new generation of Active Gaming-enabled cardio equipment, including new, innovative designs based on a number of Blue Goji patents. Stay tuned for more updates!