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December 7, 2015 by Holly



My 10 year old loves to ride his bike. It is one of those things he would do daily if he could. One issue that I have is that we live in a neighborhood without sidewalks and our house is situated on a street where people aren’t expecting bikes and they regularly hit 50 mph with some blind spots. It is a recipe for catastrophe which is why we don’t allow bike riding on our street. This limits family riders to putting the bike in the car and driving to a safer path or our driveway. Obviously, if I am not available to drive, the latter is the only option.

Until now!  



My family was introduced to Blue Goji. Blue Goji is the company behind Goji Play, a way to make working out a game. It was invented by the creators of Guitar Hero with the intention to transform exercise into fun.

What this also means is that a kid who would normally not hop on a treadmill or stationary bike is suddenly attracted to it because it is a video game!

A video game that is not only fun, but flexible and portable. Rhett can use it on his bicycle set up on a stationary stand and pedal away! My middle son, Reid (age 12) can switch the controllers onto the moving arms of our elliptical trainer that had been collecting dust until Goji Play arrived. And our oldest, Ryan (age 14) can take it to the gym and put it on the stationary bicycle there.

I have even seen Rhett use it on our mini trampoline!

Goji Play uses your iOS or Android device as the screen which is connected to the Goji Play controllers (one pictured above on our elliptical trainer). The video game is powered by your exercise. When you walk or run faster, your game play is quicker. The whole system is simple to set up and completely portable. It is all a masterplan to keep them off the couch!

The new Goji Play 2.0 has just been released and is what my family has been playing. There are more than 6 games available with a total of 15 expected by the end of the year. We think it is the perfect gift for any family that likes to play together (or against each other!).



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