How Jeff Goelz won a Brand New Camaro
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Watch the Final Four explore New York city before the Goji Madness Semi Finals
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"Honestly, I never thought I would even make it to the elimination rounds, let alone the final four! It has been a blast, the prizes are amazing, and the folks at Blue Goji have been incredibly friendly"

- Dave aka "CapnDave"

"The Goji Madness Tournament has been a lot of fun. It's suddenly so real when prizes begin to arrive at your door the week after you win them"

- Jeff aka "ChefMelts"

"Playing Blue Goji games is a fun way for me to get active after surgery for breast cancer...Now, I can workout for an hour. I'm still working on endurance and speed. Playing the games keeps it fun!"

- Ruth aka "Sporty"

"Since Blue Goji and Goji Madness, I go hours on the elliptical machine as a whole workout. You become so in tuned to the games that your workout becomes secondary. The games are simple but yet a challenge and fun to play"

- Kevin aka "TheHulk"

How Madness Works
Earning a Spot:
The goal of Goji Madness is to encourage everyone to get active in a way that's fun and competitive. Goji Madness is open to all and we encourage everyone to participate! We have created four Goji Madness groups--(In our inaugural Goji Madness tournament these groups were Active Central, BMI Camp, Seniors Rock, and Veteran Honors.) When Goji Madness registration begins again, simply register for the group that suits you best and you've earned your spot in Goji Madness!
Tournament Rounds::
Goji Madness has two major parts The Qualifying Round and the Elimination Rounds. In the qualifying round, the goal is to earn as many GoCoins as you can. You earn these GoCoins by using your Goji Play, GojiGo, or GojiTate apps. The top 16 contestants in the four groups will advance to the second phase, the Elimination Rounds. In the Elimination Rounds qualifiers compete in head-to-head elimination battles within their communities.
How to Win:
Each head-to-head competition will consist of three Goji Play "battles." Each contestant will be given the same Goji Play game and will compete against their competition for the highest score in each battle. The contestant with the higher score on the Goji Play game will be counted as one battle win. The contestant with two or more battle wins will win the Round and advance to the next Round.