VR, AR, and more
Our games use a combination of VR and AR experiences to fully immerse players in vivid and fantastic environments, where their perception, speed and reaction time are put to the test. Players of all ages and skill levels are sure to be captivated by our selections. See what we have to offer below.
Furiends (2019)
Forge a new friendship in our Augmented Reality mobile game focused on the bond between you and man’s best friend. Your pet ownership skills will be put to the test in this game where you raise your very own virtual dog. Progression in this game is based on activity, so make sure to keep moving and always make time to play with your new Furiend. Out now & free to download. Visit to learn more.
Bubmarine (2018)
Embark on the voyage of a lifetime in this VR game as you help Dr. Al Gee in his efforts to clean up the ocean. Corporate polluters have invaded the seafloor and are ruining the environment. It’s up to you to assist Dr. Gee in cleaning up their mess and punishing the irresponsible culprits, as you explore the beautiful underwater landscape. Are you up to the task?
GoWings Safari (2017)
Ever dreamed of going on an African safari? Here’s your chance. Fly around the African grasslands in this VR game where you protect the native wildlife while taking pictures of the beautiful animals and landscapes. Poachers are lurking behind every corner, so make sure your trigger finger is ready and your aim is steady–they need to be captured.
DinoFense (2017)
Put your skills as a marksman to the test in this VR game where you defeat malicious cavemen, crabs, and more. Protect your dino-friends using a rapid-fire slingshot in this wave-style survival game. Difficulty increases with each new level. How long can you survive?
Parkour Runner (2017)
Seamless coordination is essential to win this VR game where players rush through a futuristic urban environment while performing parkour. Time your moves just right to make it over, under, and through obstacles as you progress through stunning courses designed to challenge your timing and perception. Do you hardcore Parkour?
Punch Beat (2017)
If you like to dance and move with rhythm, then this VR game is right up your alley. With multiple game modes to choose from, practice your coordination and rhythm in this challenging game where timing is everything. Can you keep up with the music?
Cardio Racers (2017)
It’s a high speed race to the finish in this classic style auto-racing game. Sharp turns, speed boosts and aggressive competitors challenge players in this racing game designed to push your talents as a racer to the edge. Do you have what it takes to come out on top and claim the racing crown?