Combining exercise & entertainment for better living
We are a fitness gamification enterprise, focused on improving the mental and physical wellness of people from all walks of life. Our mission: combine exercise and entertainment to improve the physical and mental health of people of all ages and backgrounds
“We are here to move the needle in our current healthcare challenge. Many chronic conditions can be attributed to lifestyle. Adopting a more proactive approach to wellness can help tackle those issues.”
Coleman Fung
| CO-Founder & CEO
Incentivizing exercise
The Infinity is an interactive treadmill that uses both virtual reality and motion-tracking technology to provide an immersive exercise environment to interest users. Our team is constantly developing more captivating and challenging games to foster user engagement.
Comprehensive wellness
EverCare is our latest enterprise that will facilitate communication between patients and health care professionals, allowing more personalized and effective strategies for managing individual wellness. The mobile platform will enable users to take an active role in mitigating their health concerns, while simultaneously providing the opportunity for anonymous discourse with other users and health professionals.
Technological ingenuity
Our focus is to improve overall human health by integrating exercise and recreation with cutting-edge gaming technology. Currently, our team is studying the positive effects of exercise accompanied by a VR environment. Using our state of the art motion tracking technology, we are developing methods to stimulate user movement and create a game environment that is singularly immersive. Additionally, improvement of our mobile applications is essential to our goal of providing simple and engaging avenues for users to track and improve their wellness.
Current endeavors
As the Infinity System reaches its final stages of pre-production, our team is focused on the release of this groundbreaking device that promises to forever alter the landscape of exercise, physical therapy, and gaming.
Research is an invaluable aspect of our efforts to improve human health. With that in mind, we are in the process of partnering with the VA in both San Antonio and L.A. along with the Chinese Hospital of San Francisco, to implement pilot programs where our Infinity Systems will be used to improve the physical and mental health of patients from diverse backgrounds and conditions.