Quality Assurance Lead

Blue Goji, an Austin-based health technology company, is looking for a full-time Quality Assurance Lead to join its team. Building upon Blue Goji's flagship gaming system GojiPlay, Blue Goji is developing an innovative rehab platform – GojiCare – that increases both patient safety, motivation, and outcomes. These two products comprise our initiative of Embodied Health Services.

Anchored by Embodied Gaming & eSports, Embodied Health Services aim to promote an optimal state of being and health for all. Blue Goji takes a focused yet nuanced approach to Embodied Gaming: it encourages the development of beneficial behaviors through specially designed games and neuro-physio challenges. Blue Goji believes that, by leveraging its unique set of patented technologies, which have the capacity to regulate or affect various aspects of mental, cognitive, and physical health, Embodied Gaming & eSports can be the gateway to other activities and behaviors that foster Embodied Health.

Our suite of hardware includes three advanced exercise bikes–Expresso GO Upright, Expresso GO Recumbent, CyberCycle, and Embodi–and an elite treadmill. Running GojiPlay, these bikes are no longer just stationary bikes, they have been transformed into Embodied Gaming & eSports devices that provide unparalleled embodied experiences for users of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The Infinity, the core of the GojiCare experience, is a highly advanced treadmill equipped with a multitude of sensors and gaming capabilities. Combining movement and cognitive data allows Blue Goji to conduct Dual-Task Cost analysis and training to assess and address patients’ physical and cognitive status. Utilizing a blend of bleeding-edge hardware and data analysis, GojiCare will offer physicians and physical therapists a new way to help their patients along the path toward rehabilitation.


Be part of our success: to apply, please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@bluegoji.com. Include the job title in your subject line.


Job Requirements

  • Conduct QA processes that span web, mobile, and desktop software
  • Run regression testing, ad hoc testing, functional testing, user interface testing, and integration testing
  • Manage the QA team through the development phase for the Automated tests
  • Keep consistency across test suite along with the applications upgrades
  • Work closely with developers to track down complex issues
  • Interface with a range of teams to understand new features and development to delegate testing and critical weak points to the QA team


Experience & Skills

  • 3+ years of QA Lead efforts/Leadership Roles
  • 3+ years Java 8 development experience
  • 3+ years working with Selenium
  • 2+ years of hands on with Jenkins or CI/CD tools
  • 2+ years working with Maven or similar
  • Excellent knowledge of JIRA issue and project tracking software
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience using GIT is highly valuable
  • Experience working with Selenium Grid is an important Plus



  • 100% Covered medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Paid Vacation
  • Competitive Salary
  • Join a startup early where you can contribute and your opinion counts


Position based in Austin, Texas