Register for GojiVerse
To learn about registering for GojiVerse, please refer here (link)
App Functionality
GojiVerse Orbit
The stars that surround your central MeStar are communities/groups or friends. The more you interact with a community/group or friend, the closer that star’s orbit is to your star. If your interactions with a community/group or friend are not as regular, their orbit drifts farther away.
Find Friends
Click the sidebar menu button at the top left of the GojiVerse and click the “Friend” button just below the “Home” button. Search for a username or, adjust the drop-down menu and search for existing friends or communities/groups. To unfriend someone, adjust the drop-down menu to search for existing friends. Search for the friend and, on the right side of the friend’s name, click the unfriend button. After you friend someone or join a community, they will appear in your GojiVerse orbit. However, if you have not interacted with them in some time and there are other communities and friends that you interact with frequently, the others can eventually get pushed out of your orbit. To bring them back, search for them and click on their name. Post a note to them or high-five their recent activity to bring the friend or community back into your orbit.
Join Communities
Click the sidebar menu button at the top left of the GojiVerse and click the “Friend” button just below the “Home” button. Adjust the drop-down menu and search for communities. To leave a community, adjust the drop-down menu to search for communities. Search for the community and, on the right side of that cell, there is a button to leave it.
Change my Emoji
  1. Click on your MeStar.
  2. Next, on your Me view, click the face next to your name.
  3. Adjust your emoji and tag yourself with an emotion. You may have to refresh GojiVerse in order for your change to appear.
Tracked Activities
You can track your Goji Play sessions, GojiGo GPS sessions and goals progress within GojiVerse.
Check my Activities
You can view your activities by selecting the MeStar, or by accessing the calendar from the side menu bar.
Activity Progress
You can view a progress bar for each activity by opening your incentive star. You can also view your total GoCoins.
Get a Calendar
The Calendar is your insight into your use history as a Blue Goji user. You can see your activity by date and by type, including calories burned, distance walked, etc. The calendar can be opened by tapping the calendar icon in your Me view or from the sidebar menu.
Understanding the Calendar
The green circles represent a day, month of activity (depending on your selected filters). Their size is indicative of your total exercise for a given activity or on a given day. For example, when viewing the calendar by date, the green circles show the days you exercised; the larger the circle, the more you exercised. When viewing by activity, you will see a green circle for each activity type (Goji Play, Walking, etc). The larger the circle, the more of that activity you have done.
Filters the Calendar
You can view your calendar by Date, as a traditional calendar, or by Activity, which shows what exercise types you have done in the last period. You can change this period to show the last month or the last year. Additionally, you can look at previous years or months by selecting from the drop down in the upper right corner of the Calendar View.
Incentive Plan
An incentive plan shows you how many GoCoins or tickets you have earned for your various completed activities.
Finding the Incentive Icon
The incentive icon is found in your GojiVerse - it is a grey sphere with a coin image.
Goji Moments
Description of Goji Moments
GojiMoments is a platform-wide facility that allows you to share your “selected” Goji Play 2 gameplays (and other Goji Activities) with your friends and family. You can encourage others to share their fun and challenges of playing any Goji Play 2 games (or doing any Goji activities). Moments are a fun feature we reserve for our exercise game players. Those playing our games, but not exercising, do not have access to this feature.
Sending a Moment
At the completion of a gameplay session of any Goji Play enabled game, you will see a Moments button. Tap this button to open the Moments window. From here, you can select what Factor you will challenge them on (steps, score, calories, etc). If you would not like to challenge them, but just share the exact game session, you can opt not to select a Factor. You can send a Moment to any user who is your Friend in GojiVerse, or to any communities to which you belong. How do I know who won?
Moment Results
If you are the recipient/receiver of a Moment, you will see a the results of the Moment after completing it. To play a Moment, you must first accept the dare.You can also see the results of completed Moments in GojiVerse. Tap the Moments Star in GojiVerse to open the Moments View. Here you can see your completed Moments. Tap the results button to view the results.
Accepting / Rejecting a Moment
In any Blue Goji enabled game, you will find a Moments button in the main, pre-game menu. Tap this to open up the Moments window and see all pending Moments for that game. You can choose to accept or ignore any Moments. In the Goji Play app, tap the Moments icon in the top bar menu to open the Moments Window. Here you can find a list of pending Moments. Accept any moment to immediately launch that game and play the Moment. If you don't want to accept a Moment, simply tap the ignore button and the Moment will be removed from your Pending list.
Incoming and Outgoing Moments
An Incoming Moment is a Moment sent TO you by another player. An Outgoing Moment is a Moment sent BY you to another player or community.
Moments Expiration
Moments expire after one week.
Pending Moments
A Pending Moment is an Incoming Moment which you have not yet played.