Goji Play App
Register for Goji Play
(steps) To register, download and launch the new version of the Goji Play app or the GojiVerse app. You will be prompted to create a new account upon launching. The username/password that you create will be used to login to all other Blue Goji apps. Your new account creation allows for you to use the new version of the Goji Play app, as well as GojiVerse and other Blue Goji products.
Migrating old stats
Unfortunately we are not able to transfer your old account data into the new app.
Three-tier Identity Scheme
We have adopted a rigorour three-tier identity scheme to protect your privacy when you use Goji Play, GojiVerse and our other products and services: User Name - This is your unique ID for account login and, coupled with your password, will provide you with full access to your user account information. This should not be your email address. Persona Name (Screen Name) - This is your main identity within GojiVerse, which you will use to communicate with your friends and family within GojiVerse. This must be different than your User Name and your Avatar Name (below) to ensure enhanced privacy. Changing your Persona Name is not supported at this time. Avatar Name - This is your anonymous identity, which you can use for certain public activities within GojiVerse. For instance, we will use your Avatar Name when posting your Goji Play game scores on our public leaderboards. We also understand that some users may wish to remain anonymous when participating in certain sensitive activities, such as joining a stress management or substance abuse support community within GojiVerse. As a result, when you join certain GojiVerse communities, you may be asked whether you wish to use your Persona Name or your Avatar Name.To ensure the anonymity of your Avatar identity: (i) do not use anything similar to your User Name or Persona Name as your Avatar Name; (ii) do not share your User Name, Persona Name or other personally identifiable information when conducting activities under your Avatar Name; and (iii) do not share your Avatar Name with those that know your Persona identity. You may change your Avatar Name at anytime. We recognize that it may seem confusing at first to maintain 3 different IDs, but we believe these features will provide our users with enhanced privacy when participating within GojiVerse.
New and Old Games
When Apple revamped its Bluetooth support for iOS 9 in September 2015, it meant that we had to update not only our Goji Play app but our entire suite of our games in order to be compatible with iOS 9. We have since been working hard to update as many games as possible, especially your favorite games. However, since many of our original games were created by third party developers using older technologies, we will not be able to update all of our games. Separately, we have been working hard on a number of completely new and different games to add to the mix of updated games. Please refer to our Games page for our game release status.
Locating My Stats
(link) You can access your stats in GojiVerse. Please refer to the GojiVerse section of the FAQ for additional details.