Goji Play 2 Hardware
Sensor in Goji Play 2 Hardware
The original version of the Goji Play hardware sensor module housed an accelerometer, which detected the movement of the player. This accelerometer has been moved to the hand controllers in the new version of the Goji Play hardware to streamline the product.
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Set Up
Set Up Goji Play 2 Hardware
(steps) Log into the app and select “Controllers and Set Up” from the side bar menu. From there, choose “Setting up a new Goji Play?” and follow the instructions prompted in the set up tutorial. Please also see the Setup video at the top of this page, right above the FAQs.
Specifying preferred setup
Since the new hardware features Directional Pads, we need to know which way you have the sensors facing so that the game will know if you are moving the controller left or right. You can make these decisions upon set up, and change at anytime by accessing “Preferences” from the side bar menu.