Take Your Training Program to The Next Level

See how our gamified wellness platform, GojiVerse, can make you the most innovative and effective trainer! Our platform includes Goji Play, GojiGo, GojiTate, and more to come!


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Track Your Clients' Progress

Use our apps to connect with your clients and track what they're doing inside AND outside the gym!

Use GojiVerse to connect with your clients - just click on their star to see their activity!


Send Challenges to your clients through GojiVerse to push them above and beyond!


Use GojiGo to track what they're doing outside - like walking, running, cycling and hiking to name a few!

Use GojiPlay to track your clients' activity on any cardio machine. Our gamified exercise platform make 30 minutes of cardio feel like 5! Get your clients excited about getting on that cardio machine by telling them to play games. Choose from 15+ games (and more on the way) to motivate your clients to run faster and exercise more.

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Become An Ambassador

You can become a Blue Goji Ambassador for a range of innovative programs that will earn you additional financial rewards. 

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