Our base software: reimagining the workout experience of cardio machines

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Take cardio to the next level
Blue Goji’s flagship gamification platform leverages video games to transform cardio machines. The suite of games and apps work together to track fitness analytics to help users achieve their goals.

Create an engaging environment
GojiPlay offers an increasing collection of 10+ 2D (non-VR) games and 8+ VR games to captivate and motivate, including custom and third-party.

Used on the Infinity treadmill, the magnetic brakes are synced for dynamic resistance, making these experiences fully immersive.
Prevent falls & eliminate other risks
A state-of-art safety harness keeps Infinity users stable, secure, and squarely within the confines of the tread.

Safety harness clips on the right and left of the user double as tension sensors that gather and send data from game sessions directly to the Infinity UI.

The Infinity System isn’t one-size-fits-all. Fill out the form to begin customizing Infinity with GojiCare and help you best serve your clients.