Blue Goji is all about creatively applying unconventional ideas and tools, including virtual reality and patented technologies, towards improving our collective physical and brain health, from healthy aging, mind- body rehab to active eSports and gaming.

Coleman Fung

CO-Founder & CEO

The issues Blue Goji is addressing

1Older adults and patients in recovery face specific challenges and risks associated with their physical and mental health.

These issues are often combated separately, as current therapy and exercise practices consider them unrelated. In reality, research is beginning to discover that physical and mental issues are so delicately intertwined, treating them separately is a gross oversimplification.

Simultaneously, patients in need of extensive care are at a higher risk of suffering from depression and other mental disorders that can lead to inactivity, exacerbating their physical issues. Additionally, the care required by high-need patients is expensive and labor intensive, requiring multiple therapists and costly equipment.


2As Virtual Reality technology has become mainstream, health professionals are using it to innovate new practices in medicine.


3A machine with a mission:
The Infinity System

The Infinity System: an interactive treadmill capable of gait analysis, movement tracking, cognitive training and physical support.”

We currently have pre-production models of the Infinity System in the field, being used for research and development and helping populations uniquely suited to benefit from its functions.

Our games are created by our in-house team of developers. They are designed to be enjoyable, digestible and neurally stimulating.