About Us

Blue Goji is a wellness technology startup company that is focused on improving the health of our users. Through fitness gamification, we have utilized the latest virtual reality and gaming technology to create the tools for a disease management platform. As game experts, we have created unique controllers and games that work directly with standard cardio equipment to make developing healthier habits a fun and engaging gaming experience. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical condition can benefit from our service but those with chronic conditions could change their lives.

We have spent the necessary time completing research and development to inform decisions around creating and improving our technology. By working with scientists, doctors, innovators, and the Fung Fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley, we have collected information to ensure that our service works. Our two consumer releases of Goji Play have been well-received and have garnered positive feedback from both users and acclaimed critics.

As more and more data comes out explaining the vast physical and psychological advantages of exercise, we believe we have the technology and the resources to help those in need of exercise as a prescription. Using a collection of our apps, our initiative GojiCare will target preventable chronic conditions through a service offered to at-risk users. With a strong commitment to keeping users motivated, we believe we can make a difference in the disease management sphere.

Our team is always working on new content to keep up with new technology and the growing needs of users. Goji Play 3.0 is broadening our platform to include virtual reality gaming, five new games, access to third-party games, and support for wearables using Bluetooth, all of which can assist GojiCare users with disease management. Our unique Active Gaming/Active VR platform utilizes real physical motion to optimize VR gaming, giving you the benefits of aerobic exercise and nearly eliminating motion sickness. These VR games can be played with or without the Goji Play controllers.

Blue Goji combines technology, gaming, and fitness to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Our flagship Goji Play system uses a connection between a Bluetooth-enabled device and an accelerometer in the controllers to translate your motion into movement during gameplay. With a current library of 15+ Goji Play games, two virtual reality games, as well as tracking and meditation apps on iOS and Android, we provide all users with the chance to get more physically and cognitively active, but most of all, have fun.