A new innovation in the rehab space to improve the effect and reach of therapy

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Research shows that dual-task exercise is more beneficial than either physical or cognitive training, undertaken separately.
Tait JL, Duckham RL, Milte CM, Main LC and Daly RM (2017)
Get the best of both
As an add-on to GojiPlay, GojiCare features patent-pending ZenTrek™ analytics using gamelets: gamified neurological and physical dual-task challenges crafted to track detailed data.

ZenTrek™ also includes cloud-based analyses and reporting capabilities for rehabilitation purposes. These features are accessible on a desktop version of GojiVerse, where physicians can connect with patients and review rehab data.
The Infinity system with GojiCare allows patients to engage in secure, dual-task exercise while therapists can extract real-time data and monitor progress.
Streamlined for optimal efficiency
Health professionals can observe patients during activity without the aid of multiple assistants or technicians.

The Infinity System has advanced safety features designed to keep patients stable and supported during activity, including those with limited mobility.

The Infinity System isn’t one-size-fits-all. Fill out the form to begin customizing Infinity with GojiCare and help you best serve your clients.