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Beyond a stationary bike: Embodi is the market's best solution for engaging riders.

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Bring the outdoors in

Terrain Adapted Resistance™ auto adjusts in-game: when you power your avatar uphill, it gets harder and vice verse-riding downhill feels easy and natural.

With turning handlebars, cycling on Embodi feels just like iding a bike outdoors.

• Dimensions: Fully Extended (LxHxW) 62” x 63” x 23.5”

• Weight: 175lbs

• Screen size: 24” – 1080p resolution

• Weight limit: 350 lbs (158 kg)

• 32 degree handlebar turn radius

• 50+ Virtual rides: interval training, custom games, and third-party games
Get in the game

GojiPlay 3 controllers are built in to Embodi's smart handlebars for gamified exercise and experiences like never before.

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The game-changing smart bike

Embodied gaming includes an impressive catalog of games designed to suit every mood.

Rides range from easy to extreme: different worlds to explore, multiple levels to unlock, and no set path to travel gives you limitless ways to play.

Take indoor cycling to a new level

Worldwide leaderboards will show how you stack up against other riders. Multiple bikes in one space are ready to be paired for heart-pumping races against fellow riders.

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